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Guide to choosing the perfect wedding party attire

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Wedding parties come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and genders! So when you are trying to decide what you want everyone to wear, know that the days of matchy matchy outfits (thank goodness!) is over. Also don't be too concerned about whether they can wear the outfit again (they probably won't!) Anything goes!

But just because anything goes, doesn't mean they should wear whatever they want. Giving a specific set of guidelines (more than just a color) is extremely helpful to them and to keeping the overall look cohesive.

Choose a Color

This doesn't mean one color, it can mean assigning a certain shade of blue to each person or having them choose any pre-approved jewel tone.

Choose a Fabric

Love velvet? Hate lace? Textures go a long way to making everything feel cohesive.

Choose a Length or Other Options

Some in floor length gown and others in minis can look really uneven in photos. Consider allowing those who feel more comfortable to wear a pantsuit.

Consider your Venue

If you are getting married in a church, some require ladies to cover their head or shoulders. Outside? Wind may flip skirts up which is difficult to control while holding flowers and three piece wool suits can be extremely hot in the summer sun.


Bring everything together with a specific accessory. Everyone could wear red shoes or matching ties. Make this fun and let your wedding vision shine!

If you are letting your wedding party choose their attire, consider also making a no-no list. Honestly, giving too little information can make it really hard on them even if you're really laid back about the whole thing.

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