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Who We Are

Creating Peace of Mind

We are unquestionably Maine. We are born and raised Mainers. We anxiously await the fiddleheads in the spring after a long cold winter. We love to spend the morning drinking a hot cup of coffee on the porch “upta” camp in the summer. In the fall, we enjoy the sweet smell of damp pines while hiking in the woods and if we are lucky, the smell of someone burning leaves. Wintertime is best to snuggle up next to the fire after a day of cross-country skiing. We think every season in Maine has its own magic and we want to share of little of that magic with you. Whether you are from away or here to stay, you're our kind of people.  Did we always know we wanted to be wedding planners? Nope, but we sure do love planning logistics, creating beautiful spaces, and helping you get down the aisle.

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